Restore Old Video Tapes – Key Advice

video restoration for old tapes

How to Restore Old Video Tapes.. How to restore old video tapes – mme- It’s Grandad’s birthday next week and you are stumped as to what to get him… Suddenly a thought comes to mind; Why not give him and your family the gift of fond memories? Along with the legendary family barbeque, you prepare […]

Three of Our Favourite Recipes For Spring

Here at Supaphoto, we love spring. There are so many positives!  It’s absolutely my favorite season and always has a way of making me feel so positive and optimistic.  Firstly there’s the warmer weather – that’s always a plus.  Then there are the flowers. Walk down a street and you can see them popping up […]

How to Digitise Your Vintage Media

a selection of undeveloped film rolls including 35mm film.

Digital Conversion ServicesIn this digital age with technology rapidly evolving, it’s important to digitise your old photo albums to preserve your memories so they can live on for future generations to enjoy.  It’s relatively easy since smartphones and digital cameras such as Canon and Nikon have such great qualities but we’re here to tell you […]

How to Create a Super-Cool, No-Fuss Video of Your Holiday

How to create a super-cool, no-fuss video of your holiday We all know that the last couple of years have been tough on everyone but the thing that the pandemic has made us realise the most is to enjoy life as much as we can.  If you get the chance to go on holiday this […]

Creating an Elegant Christmas Dining Table

Maybe this year more than others, we can appreciate being able to gather around the table with loved ones. A beautifully adorned table can turn your festive feast up a notch and make this Christmas one to remember. Creative place settings Sometimes it is not the big things that ‘make’ Christmas, it’s the little things […]