Can I Watch Video Tapes Without a Video Machine Player?

watch video tapes

Watch Video Tapes – You’ve just stumbled upon a dusty cardboard box labelled “Home Movies” and curiosity has gotten the better of you, you want to watch video tapes but don’t have a player. After asking your dad about it, you quickly realize that your family’s old VHS tapes are tucked away inside. You’re hit […]

Video tape protection to enjoy them for years

Convert VHS to DVD, damaged by water

How to protect against water Tapes Damaged By Water? Film and tape are highly susceptible to water damage, particularly when exposed to floodwaters that are often contaminated with debris and dirt, so take a look at our disaster recovery. Each type of object reacts differently and requires a unique approach to prevent further damage so […]

VHS Damaged Tape – Restoring Fire Damaged Tapes

VHS damaged tape

VHS damaged tape – Exposure to heat and water can adversely affect all types of audiovisual media. However, you can salvage some objects that fire has exposed to damage with proper care (we recommend conducting a fire damage assessment to identify the issues with the tapes). When dealing with damaged audiovisual materials and carrying out […]

Digital Conversion – Transforming Your Memories

Digital Conversion Service

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the nostalgia of traditional media, like VHS tapes, is gradually fading away. As the digital era sweeps in, the question arises: What should we do with our collection of old VHS tapes, camcorder recordings, or aging film reels? The answer lies in the transformative realm of digital conversion services, […]

The Lifespan of Reel to Reel Tapes

Reel to reel

Reel to reel tapes – tape longevity. Affectionately known as R2R tapes, were once the epitome of audio engineering. Introduced in the 1940s, they quickly became a fixture in the audio recording industry, vying with vinyl records for several decades. However, by the 1980s, R2R tapes fell out of favour, replaced by cassette tapes and […]

Convert VHS to DVD – Where to Buy a Video Player

Video Machine Player

Are Video Player Machines Still Made? Convert VHS to DVD – In case you’re wondering whether they (manufacturers) are still making VCRs or not, then you can stop musing about it now because they don’t. Home movie history was turned on its head when Funai Electric stopped production in July 2016 and shipped out the […]

Is there a Difference Between A Video Camera And A Camcorder?

Video Camera

Difference Between Video Cameras and Camcorders In the 20th century, both the video camera and the camcorder were innovative inventions, with the latter being the latest of the two. They serve as specialized tools for capturing motion pictures through electronic means, similar to a photo camera. Almost every household now has these common devices. People […]

How Do I know if my Tape is Blank?

Blank VHS Tape

Are Blank VHS Tapes Worth Anything? VHS tapes were once the primary means of recording and storing video content. However, in recent years, digital storage options have become more popular, and VHS tapes have become largely obsolete. Many people have boxes of old VHS tapes sitting in their basements or attics, and they often wonder […]

What’s Better? Scan or Take Photos of My Old Photos?

Scan Old Photos

Scan Old Photos – Vintage photographs, whether they’re from a bygone era of the 1900s, or a more recent timeline of the 2000s, they are always of certain value to someone. There’s always a story or cherished memory behind each photograph. Among the many benefits of saving old photographs is that it keeps the memory […]

How to restore old photos

Old Photos

Photo Restoration – An old photo is a view into the past and a chance to immortalise a memory which may have been forgotten otherwise. A chance to relic and gaze upon past times may be found as you walk along your corridor or glance at the shelf above the fireplace. One day, not long […]