What Type of Film do I Have?

to help understand what kind of film do i have - a 16mm cine reel being gently handled by someone with gloves

What Type of Film do I Have? What type of film do I have? Home movies capture precious moments that we cherish and want to preserve. Over the years, you may have accumulated boxes filled with old film that you have forgotten about. Maybe you inherited a chest full of home movies from family members, […]

Best Way to Preserve Old Photographs

photo album with old photos with protective sleeve covering them

What’s the Best Way to Preserve Old Photographs? As more people move towards digitising their photographic collections and wondering about preserving storing old photographs, it’s really important to preserve the original materials for future access. The following guidelines for the care of photographs (whether they belong to you or you are collecting) with the simple steps […]

Preserve Family Videos

family video cassette case

Video Preservation – Introduction Video Preservation – You may be asking yourself, ‘what is the best way to preserve family videos?’ and how to avoid any sort of tape decay, if that’s the case then we’re here to help. Videotapes consist of a plastic polyester backing coated with a layer of magnetic material and binder […]

Photo Slides – A Fascinating Story

Cleaning 35mm slides

We’ve all seen photo slides in our grandparents’ houses or in school classrooms. It was so fun to sit and watch each photo pop up on a wall as they clicked through a carousel projector. You might remember another version of photo slides, View master goggles. These goggles would be strapped to your head, and […]

8mm and Super 8 Film Difference

8mm and super 8 film difference

8mm and Super 8 Film Difference 8mm and Super 8 Film Difference – what are they? 8mm film, or as they call it standard 8mm film or Regular 8,” is a type of film that is commonly used in film cameras. The term 8 millimetres comes from its width, which is 8mm wide. Moreover, this […]

Ten Amazing Classic Films To Watch On VHS

A reel of film.

Ten Amazing Classic Films To Watch On VHS You may have strongly considered shops that convert vhs to dvd near me. Before you do however, we still can all look back fondly about our favourite film to view on tape. Those lovely rectangular plastic boxes you remember rewinding just as much as the fast forward. […]

Indian Army in WW1 – Brighton Pavilion and the Chattri Memorial

It may be of interest to you that the Indian Army played a vital role in the first few months of the war. In fact, at a time when Britain was still recruiting and training volunteers, soldiers from across the Empire came to fight in Europe and support the British cause. Incredibly, the Indian Army […]

Top Valuable VHS Tapes UK That You Can Sell For A Fortune

VHS tape and Supaphoto leaflets

Valuable VHS tapes – Imagine discovering that your cassette collection is worth thousands – are valuable VHS tapes worth money UK? There could be a goldmine gathering dust in your attic, just waiting to be discovered! Wouldn’t that be incredible? Urban stories and half-truths about collecting rare VHS Tapes are floating around online. So, we’re […]

Official Guide To Cleaning 35mm Slides

Cleaning 35mm slides

How to clean 35mm slides before scanning… No one likes that dreaded feeling of finding your slides for photo scanning dirty and unloved. Not only dirty, but they have mould too! Unfortunately, slides growing mould is a very real risk that you need to watch out for! But don’t fret, with this guide to cleaning […]

Why Choose Us to Convert Your Camcorder Tapes to USB

A collection of Cine Film, VHS Tapes and Cassettes on a sofa blue sofa.

If you’re someone that likes to hold onto old memories, or keeping nostalgic items from your past, you more than likely have some old camcorder tapes sitting around if you used one to record home movies in the ’80s or ’90s. Your family’s younger years and pinnacle life moments could be captured on these tapes, […]