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Convert 8mm film to digital with Supaphoto© We will digitalise 8mm film (standard 8 or regular 8 film). Supaphoto is the best company to transfer 8mm film to dvd uk! Choose 8mm to USB, DVD or Cloud Download

We're proud of our 8mm Conversion Services Today!

If you're looking to transfer 8mm film to digital, you've come to the right place! With the very latest HD 2K/4K technology, we have a range of 8mm conversion services to suit everyone's needs. With rich vibrant colours and great detail, you'll love the results!

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Preserve, Share & Enjoy The Supaphoto Way

The best thing you could ever do for your family in three simple steps.

Supaphoto employee packing customer film in box.

1. Package Up Your Memories

Simply pack your beloved memories and send them to us. Use either our courier collection and return service or send it to us directly. Ask for your step by step welcome pack now.

Supahoto staff carefully handling customer material.

2. Lovingly Converted

We love what we do. Our dedicated team will digitise every item by hand. We’ve saved millions of memories over 20 years. And don’t worry, you’ll get regular updates along the way.

family sitting together watching a Supaphoto transfer

3. Share & Enjoy With Your Family

This is where the magic begins, We’ll return your original media. Once preserved, access them via our easy cloud download service, USB stick or a DVD. Relax and let those memories flood in. 

Supaphoto Cine Film Transfer Services & Samples Film

Not everyone has the time to read lots of words.

That’s why we’re produced this short & simple film which explains our cine film transfer services in a simple way. It also includes a few video transfer samples to put your mind at ease.

We hope that you enjoy it!

See also our Prices and FAQs further below.

Supaphoto's 8mm Film Transfer Service Advantages

Here are just a few of the reasons why people choose Supaphoto everyday. You won’t be disappointed.

Hand holding two CD cases, on with a disk and a memory stick on it

Output & Viewing

Digital file download via Cloud, USB or DVD. Watch on TV, PC, tablet or mobile

Media Transfer Advantages - Colour Corrections

Colour Corrections

Expert colour correction for faded scenes and frame by frame remastering

advantages enhancement


With our 2K/2K REVIVAL AI film restoration system, we can bring out the best of your film

Cine film splicer with two fingers with white gloves keeping the cine film in place

Free Services

Advanced film machine cleaning, splice repairs and no charge for blank and cine reels

Hands with white gloves on cradle a variety of cine reels

Security of Handling

We take security of handling very seriously at Supaphoto with step by step tracking

Before & After Example - RAW Scan V AI Enhancement

See for Yourself - Our 8mm Cine Film Scanning Quality

We take technical quality seriously at Supaphoto. We deliver great results with our 2k/4k HD Frame Scanners as you can see from the example below. Now with REVIVAL AI treatment, the quality is even better! We can now optionally use the latest AI to restore Cine Film. This enhancement technology can sharpen film while recovering accurate detail, remove excess harsh noise while recovering true authentic detail in your film, soften the look of dust and scratches, stabilise the film and much more besides.

For more information, watch our cine film transfer services and examples video.

Supaphoto Pre Enhancement Cine Film Transfer Sample


Pre Treatment

Supaphoto Post Enhancement Cine Film Transfer Sample


Post Treatment

What's Included?

You’ll receive everything needed to safeguard your memories.

Yes, where collection is applicable, we’ll organise for an easy to understand pre-paid address label to be sent to you. Could not be more simple. There’s also a section in there for you to add notes. 

We know how precious your memories are. It can feel like a big decision. The Supaphoto Welcome Guide explains the process in step by step simple terms. It will also include useful contact details for peace of mind.

We loe what we do. Our dedcated team will digitise every item by hand. We’ve saved millions of memories over 20 years. And don’t worry, you’ll get regular updates along the way.

This is where the magic begins. We’ll return all of your original media. Once preserved, you can access your files via our easy cloud download service, on a memory stick or a lovely DVD. Finally, just relax and let those memories flood in!.

Customer surrounded by video tapes, photographs and audio tapes while looking at the films that Supaphoto have transferred

Sir Richard Attenborough – One of Supaphoto’s Proudest Moments

We were so proud to be chosen by the University of Sussex to preserve some of film director Sir Richard Attenborough’s photographs.

Over the years, we’ve also scanned thousands of photo from prestigious photo albums going back to the 1900’s for British politicians to thousands of everyday family photo collections for families throughout the UK.

Proud staff member having completed some work at his desk.

Our 8mm Cine Film Transfer Prices

At Supaphoto we take pleasure in doing things in the right way and growing our business slowly through referrals.

Cine Film Transfer Prices to MP4 Digital Files or DVD(s)

Part 1. One-Off Set-Up & Preparation Charge: £29.99
This is a one-off charge per order irrespective of project size. Here we clean, prepare and repair the film for a superior finish. We’ll also check any splices & rewind films that are back to front.

It all takes time but is worth it in the end.

Part 2. 2K HD Capture Prices 8mm & Super 8 Ciné Films:
3″ (50′) Reel: Standard Service: £8.99 each inc colour correction
5″ (200′) Reel: Standard: £19.99 each inc colour correction
7″ (200′) Reel: Standard: £34.99 each inc colour correction

Looking for Museum Quality Service?
For not much more, many opt or our advanced service where the resolution is even higher and many elements are further enhanced including colours and  frame stabilisation – See advanced service below.


Part 3: What Do I Want Back? – Choose from One of the Following Options:
i) Mp4 Digital Files via our Cloud Download for easy viewing & sharing with family – £29.99 Per Hour of footage
ii) Mp4 Digital Files on a Master USB Stick – £29.99 Per Hour of footage
iii) Conversion to a new DVD in a nice presentation case – £29.99 Per Hour

Part 4: Optional Extras
– Back-up Version on Master USB Memory Stick: £19.99 each
– Back-up Version as a Master DVD in Presentation Case: £19.99 each
– Extra copy of DVD in Presentation Case: £9.99 each

Free Doorstep Collection & Return Delivery
Contact Us Now to receive your free welcome pack and address label. We’ll then liaise with you to get your package collected free of charge. Prices also include free return delivery. 

Want to Order? – How Can I contact You?
Simple! Just Call us on freephone 0800 690 6160 or drop us a line


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Cine Film FAQs

We’ve made life easy for you by compiling the the most commonly asked questions that we’ve been asked over the years in one place!

How can I view my films?
Could not be easier! Either plug a simple USB into your TV and view as a slideshow or watch on PC, laptop, ipad or mobile phone. 

Is it easy to share with my family?
It’s so easy. Just forward the link we’ll send you or share your USB memory stick.

Which media output is best?
Digital files are easy to play and share on PCs, laptops, ipads and phones. Start your own home movie editing projects too. A back-up DVD also makes sense. 

No Upfront Payment? – When do I pay?
We never charge upfront unlike other companies. Why? Because there’s always a small chance that you may have non-chargeable blank reels.   

How long does it take?
Typically 5-10 working days or less. 

Do you offer an advanced service?
Yes. It delivers more vivid colours, better contrast, sharper pictures and image stabilisation. It takes longer but and costs relatively little more.

Do you offer Pro Wetgate Solution for Dust and Scratches?
Yes – We are rare in the industry since we also offer this service. When a scratch or vertical line in the film emulsion is filled with fluid, light will travel through the film with less refraction which results in less visibility of the damaged parts.

Do you Offer AI Film Restoration for Cine Film
This time-sensitive enhancement system will help sharpen film while recovering more accurate detail. It can also remove excessive noise whilst softening dust and scratches whilst stabilising the film and much more.

What’s the quality like?
We’re proud of our quality. We offer 2k or 4k options – Take a look for yourself

I don’t want to pay for blank cine reels.
Don’t worry. We NEVER charge for blank cine reels!

Do you send the originals back?
Yes indeed – It’s important that you always keep your originals somewhere safe.

I’m not sure if my cine film has sound. Can you capture it if it does? 
We have full sound synchronisation capabilities. We’d advise you on receipt. It will take a little more time and hence cost a bit more.

I’ve had my cine film converted to VHS tapes or DVD a while back.. Will the quality be better this time around?
The technology to convert cine film as faithfully as today just did not exist a decade ago!  If unsure customers should carry out a single reel test.

Can I view and save the films on a Free Online Gallery?
Yes indeed and you can share them with your family thereafter.

Where can I read reviews about your service?
We always treat cine films as if they were our own. Read our reviews for yourself

Why should I do it?
All cine film slowly deteriorate over time. The sooner you do it – the better. 

Can i get a discount on bigger quantities?
Just contact us to see how we can help. See also our buy now, pay later option. 

I still have questions!
Call us for some friendly help on freephone 0800 690 6160 or drop us a line

Converted, Preserved and Ready to Enjoy

Choose what you’ll get back. Sit back and soak it in!

Mobile phone showing transferred photo.

Digital Download

This is a memory stick holding transferred media.

Memory Stick

Customer DVD in presentation case

DVD in Case

Bulk Discounts

Got a large order? We’ll do our best to help you. Just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

Looking to Convert 8mm Film to Digital?

Put simply, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been doing this for over twenty years and you’ll see from our countless positive reviews that we always strive to provide the best of services.

What is 8mm Film?

In 1932, during the Great Depression, Standard 8 was released on to the American market by Eastman Kodak. Making use of smaller cameras and frames, it was designed to be cheaper and more portable than 16mm and overnight the format became a huge success, introducing many ordinary people to the idea of making their own home movies. 

Standard 8 – also known as Regular 8 and Double 8 –was an ingenious way of modifying the 16mm film stock current at the time. Manufacturers loaded 16mm film onto a 25 ft spool and designed a new camera that exposed only one half of one side of the film on its first run. When the footage had wound through, the operator flipped the film to expose the other side as it went through the process again. Discover more about how to convert 16mm film to digital service.

During hard times, it was a clever way of getting better value. (Now you’ve got four 8mm frames for every 16mm frame.) Once developed, the film would be slit down the middle and the two halves could splice together into 50 ft of Standard 8mm.  If however you possess a film roll or cartridge that has not been developed you may be interested in our 8mm cine film processing and developing service.

Standard 8 became the established home-movie format right up until the 1960s and it had a magic all of its own. People recorded the big events in their lives, along with trips to the zoo and many small, touching moments from family life. Today the old films are like a portal into a past that is full of happy memories. You can see what life used to be like and people too – how they looked, how they smiled, what characters they were. 

Why Convert 8mm Cine Film to DVD?

But how long does Standard 8mm last? The answer is around 70 years, assuming it’s been kept in ideal conditions, which means that even the best of surviving cine films are reaching the end of the road. Learn more about They were never intended to last this long in the first place.

If you want to preserve your precious memories? We have a simple solution; convert 8mm film to digital! Here at Supaphoto, we are truly passionate about what we do, handling your film with care and precision, we’ll digitise 8mm cine film as accurately as possible. We can also convert super 8 to digital. Otherwise, before you know it your treasured memories will have slipped out of your hands forever.

Why Should I Transfer 8mm Film to Digital

Here’s what we think you should do if you’re looking to transfer 8mm film and perhaps your home videos too to new digital formats. Don’t take anything for granted. When old cine films begin to break down, red dyes often begin to rule the roost, casting a disconcerting pinky-reddish glow over every scene. So many things affect the longevity of a Standard 8mm film: how brittle or warped the celluloid has become; the humidity that has made the chemicals run; too much UV; the dirt and debris on the surface of the film. 

Once the damage begins to spread, the only certain way to protect your old film is to digitise it and save it on to a DVD or digital file. Remember, most old cine films from the 1960s and earlier are already well past their sell-by date. The situation is getting quite urgent. That’s why you should send your Standard 8 film to Supaphoto asap.

Standard 8 Film Restoration

Supaphoto has a tried and tested 8mm cine film to dvd restoration process that begins with an inspection of the film and then a thorough cleaning to get rid of as much fluff, dust and debris as reasonable. Then with the latest cutting-edge equipment we make a high-quality, frame-by-frame scan of your film. The film’s transfer time will depend on the work but the cost is generally the same. 

Where Can I Convert 8mm Film to Digital Near Me?

Using our advanced processes, we can rebalance the colours and make them vibrant, crisp and clear again, adjusting exposure and working up the contrast – with zero of the flicker associated with most people’s transfers. Once digitised, your old Standard 8 footage can be copied as often as you like and passed on to friends and family as digital file formats. Upon request we will convert your film to editing formats rather than finished film formats, making it easy for you to cut the footage yourself. Converting standard 8mm film and super 8mm can be a tricky process but Supaphoto tries to make it as enjoyable as possible and will always offer you the option to have it put on a usb stick.

When you’re ready, just plug it into your smart TV and enjoy watching all the action on the big screen whenever you feel like it. You won’t need a projector anymore.

Don’t forget that home movies on DVD make wonderful presents; they’re a great way of reminding people you’re thinking of them. It’s easy to order extra copies of the DVD.

They’re the ideal way of sharing treasured memories with others. 

And once you’ve converted your old films and tape to digital, you’ll feel immediate peace of mind that family memories are now safely stored away on your computer, and that other people are able to share them too.

Remember, all those old films currently sitting around in the attic won’t last forever.

Contact Supaphoto today and we’ll rescue your memories, keeping them safe forever.

You may even have very old film. Sometimes people still contact us wanting to convert 9.5mm cine film to dvd 

Who is the Best Company to Transfer 8mm Film to DVD UK?

If you come to us, we’ll digitise 8mm film, so you can run them as often as you like on your home computer or smart TV and email them out to be shared and enjoyed by your friends and family. You can choose between MP4 digital files as either a download or on a memory stick having converted your 8mm cine film to digital or you may like the idea of a DVD, after all, we are the best company to transfer 8mm film to digital. Many people choose both for peace of mind. Suddenly, after you convert your 8mm film to digital, there will be so many copies floating around, you’ll no longer need to worry about losing your precious memories. 

8mm Cine Film with Sound?

8mm cine film with a magnetic soundtrack might be quite rare but not to worry, we can handle this too. We’ll advise you on receipt.

Standard 8mm film, also known as Regular 8mm or Double 8mm, was initially designed for silent film recording. However, as technology advanced, there were efforts to incorporate sound recording capabilities into 8mm film. This led to the development of Standard 8mm film with sound.

Here are some key points about Standard 8mm film with sound:

Sound Stripe: To enable sound recording, a magnetic stripe was added to the film. This stripe was typically located along one edge of the film, and it allowed for the recording and playback of audio when used with compatible equipment.

Sound Recording Process: The sound recording on Standard 8mm film was magnetic rather than optical. This means that the sound information was recorded magnetically on the film stripe, and special projectors with magnetic sound heads were used for playback.

Soundtrack Placement: The magnetic sound stripe was usually located adjacent to the perforations on one side of the film. The placement allowed for the synchronisation of sound with the corresponding images during projection.

Single-System Sound: Unlike some larger film formats that used separate audio tracks, Standard 8mm film with sound was often a single-system sound format. This means that the audio and visual information were recorded on the same strip of film.

Usage: Standard 8mm film with sound found applications in home movies, amateur filmmaking, and other scenarios where users wanted to capture both visuals and accompanying sound. It allowed filmmakers to document events with synchronized audio.

Availability and Obsolescence: While Standard 8mm film with sound was available and used during a certain period, it became less common over time. The introduction of Super 8mm film, which also had sound capabilities, contributed to the decline of Standard 8mm with sound. Super 8mm offered improved image quality and a more convenient cartridge system.

It’s important to note that finding equipment capable of playing Standard 8mm film with sound can be a challenge today, as technology has evolved, and older formats have become obsolete. If you have Standard 8mm film with sound footage that you want to preserve or digitise, it will require specialised equipment and expertise to handle both the visual and audio components. We can help you at Supaphoto.

Cine Film Transfer Examples & Customers

Why not check out the quality of our 8mm cine film transfer examples.

We were chosen to undertake cine film conversion work for the TV Production Company behind the BBC’s Repair Shop!

Other projects include digitalising Sir Richard Attenborough’s personal collection of images, converting early footage of Virgin Airways promotional films and digitalisation work relating to Windsor Castle, The Mary Rose and the late Queen Elizabeth II

Discover more about the range of cine films that we convert – cine to dvd services

8mm to USB Service - Buy Now - Pay Later Option

Buy now and split your total into 3 easy payments to spread the cost – automatically charged over three months.

Rest assured that there are no hidden fees. Just call us on 0800 690 6160 for more details. Minimum order value applies of £500. Offer subject to terms and conditions.

If you’re still unsure which cine film service is best for you, read our guide on cine film formats and conversion options.


Don’t Let Your Memories Fade Away - Buy Now, Pay Later Option

Buy now and split your total into 3 easy payments, automatically charged over three months.

No interest and no hidden fees. Just call us on 0800 690 6160 for more details. Minimum order value applies. Offer subject to terms and conditions.

Common Questions

Yes we collect throughout the whole of the UK!

Alternatively, you may visit us too so that we can go through the variables together. Just call or email us in advance to make an appointment at a suitable time please.

We would generally advise using a tracked service to get your photos, film or audio tapes to us –

i.e Royal Mail Special Delivery or Parcel Force 24/48

Yes of course! All of your original media will be returned to you with your digitised versions. 

Yes indeed! It will depend on the total size of your order. Where we save time by doing things in bulk, we like to pass the benefit on.