35mm Photo Slides Through the Centuries

35mm Slide

35mm slides – as a child, you may remember the excitement of looking at slides through a carousel projector at relatives or in school. There was nothing quite like the joy of flicking through a set of 35mm slides with friends and family and reminiscing on the memories they held. We’re going to take a […]

VHS Tapes Through the Year

VHS Camcorders

VHS Tapes – Through the years there have been several types of film cameras, let’s take a look… VHS Camcorders In the early days, you would require a heavy goods licence to be able to use camcorders due to their massive size. The early editions of VHS Camcorders would sit on your shoulder and there would […]

Jammed and Sticky Cassette Tapes

Cassette Tapes

Cassette Tapes – We’ve all had that moment when you’re sifting through the old relics of which you used to think so new and advanced but now they have become something forgotten. Sitting so patiently, gathering up dust to be re-discovered and creating new, more impressive smiles. So now, you’ve struggled downstairs, found your favourite […]

Edit Photos for Free on your Computer

image of old school photograh

Edit photos for free? I hear to think to yourself! – Well, not everything in life can be free but some things are (maybe without you even knowing!). If you own a computer then most models have some kind of photo editor which you can use to edit your photos easily. There are usually not […]

Types of Photos

A few Photos against a blue background

An Introduction to Photos Over the years, since photography was invented and evolved, there have been different types of photos and different formats. You might have different variations lying around at home such as photo albums, a box full of negatives, or your pictures hanging on the wall. Here’s a quick history lesson and a […]

Great Ways to Digitise Old Photos & Films

old photos and negatives in sleeves

For a few more more few tips on tricks on how to digitise old photos & films and other vintage media with scanners but we’re here to inform you there are other ways to do so if you don’t want to do it yourself or you simply don’t have a scanner. Smartphone Scanning When considering […]

Camcorder Tapes To DVD

Digital 8 tape on a dvd case with a memory stick and a plant pot and wooden background

The advances in technology seem to be never-ending. I remember when mobile phones were like a brick and not the modern sleek devices that everyone seems to have in their pocket. Camcorders and Camcorder Tapes are no exception… With impressive image quality, excellent portability and can be uploaded to a computer with ease (sometimes even […]