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35mm Photo Slides Through the Centuries

35mm slides – as a child, you may remember the excitement of looking at slides through a carousel projector at relatives or in school. There was nothing quite like the joy of flicking through a set of 35mm slides with friends and family and reminiscing on the memories they held. We’re going to take a look at the history of photo slides throughout the years…

1700 – 35mm Slides

Going back through the centuries, photo slides took many different forms. The earliest would be the Magic Lanterns. These were glass slides with an image depicting a part of a story on each one. You would place each slide in front of the lantern and have someone narrate the story while displaying the slides. For children, this would have been the peak of entertainment!


150 years on from the Magic Lanterns, the Langenheim brothers created a new form of a slide called the Hyalotype. This was before the 35mm slide. A glass slide containing a photographic image, copied from a negative, achieved the first instance of displaying a photo as a projection rather than just a drawing. This was the birth of the slide show as we know it!

1935 – 35mm Slides

The first colour slides to be brought to market were from Kodak in the 1930s. Created by a man named Leopold Godowskiy and named Kodachrome, colour slides presented a massive advancement in colour photography. It produced the colour image using a process called the ‘subtractive colouring method’. This was a way of exposing the film to different levels of light in order to produce a colour image.


The mid-20th century saw the birth of the modern slide projector; it operated on a carousel and meant you could quickly and easily display slides one after another. It became a popular thing to do with one’s family to reminisce on fond memories with your relatives. The carousel slide projector quickly rose in popularity to be at the forefront of the market.

Summary – 35mm Slides

Through the years there have been numerous formats and styles of slides and there’s a lot more to the formats and styles than you might imagine, not just a 35mm slide. Just imagine never seeing a photo displayed or any type of photographic image and suddenly being able to depict stories and look at fond memories with ease for the first time. Now all you need is a laptop! Why not get your old slides developed? Ever wonder where you can get your old slides developed or the best slide scanning service? Here at Supaphoto, we offer a 35mm slide scanner development service to have your happy memories converted to digital photos of the highest quality. 35mm slide scanner service will mean that you can view your photos on any device anywhere!
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