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Great Ways to Digitise Old Photos & Films

For a few more more few tips on tricks on how to digitise old photos & films and other vintage media with scanners but we’re here to inform you there are other ways to do so if you don’t want to do it yourself or you simply don’t have a scanner.

Smartphone Scanning

When considering ways to digitise old photos, another way to scan your photos is to use your phone. The way we’d advise you to go about this is to take pictures of the pages of the albums or individual photos. However, be mindful of the background and make sure this is done with good lighting. Of course, you can still crop and straighten these photos, we recommend doing this with PicsArt or the Photo App on iPhone for the most straight forwards way to change the orientation of the image.

Digitising Old Photos

Depending on the type of phone you have, the camera quality will vary so keep that in mind when you digitise old photos. But there are also enhancing apps to make photos clearer e.g. Remini.

After you’ve taken the photos and edited any imperfections as you see fit, you can organise them in a folder on your phone or you can transfer them to your computer.  If your interest is not photos and perhaps videos or even audio records And not just photos, 

Ways to Digitise Old Photos – Digitisation Companies

Equipped with tools and special devices as well as trained and experienced personnel, digitalisation companies. Being one ourselves, we can vouch for the many advantages of using this option.

We offer a pickup service but you can post your media to us and we’ll take great care of it! As ways to digitise old photos, it’s a much easier option!

We will also update you about the process as we go on.

Taking pictures and editing them can get pretty tedious. So we recommend taking the stress free approach and leaving it to the professionals, leaving stress behind and saving time. This also has the tendency to produce higher quality results for you.

Where Can I Get my Old Media Converted?

Here at Supaphoto, we offer an affordable and efficient digitisation service. Meaning you can digitise old photos and make them accessible at the press of a button! So give us a call and we can take you through the process

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