We specialise in 1st class slide scanning / film scanning work that needs to be carried out with care and attention. We pride ourselves on the quality of our processes and personal service.

If you're looking to transfer your 35mm slides to dvd, you'll be pleased to know that our clients range from large museums to the public. Oh! We can also provide a discount on greater quantities! Email us now re
film scanning, slide scanning transferring 35mm slides to dvd or call us on Freephone 0800 690 6160.
Happy Clients Include:

Our FiveService Promise:

We promise to deliver a first class Scanning Service. We have spent many years perfecting the art of scanning. Using the very latest in quality digital studio technology, we can transfer your film to professionally mastered CDs or DVDs. We can scan from a wide variety of media including slides, negatives , photos and even photo albums. more.. Click here for prices on slide scanning, film scanning and transferring 35mm slides to dvd

Why Scan your Images?
1. To stop the deterioration of your prints and slides. Film fades over time, digital files do not. Preservation is the No1 reason people digitise their photos.

2. To stop the colour shift, fading, and loss of detail that is occurring every day.

3. To digitally manipulate and enhance your images..

4. To preserve and archive your family history for later generations, some
images are irreplaceable. Digitised photos and slides will not deteriorate.

5. To organise your entire photographic collection on CD or DVD.

6. Sharing! - It’s easy to share images once scanned with family...more..

Sample Slideshow:--
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Slides & Photos Help Section:
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Slide Scanning

Scanning Prices:
Scanning Prices
(All prices include VAT)

35mm Slides to CD/DVD:

Service Explained:
To begin with, we assess your material and your needs. On receipt of your film, we call you to confirm safe receipt. To begin with then, we dust each of them individually with a view to removing as much of the surface debris as possible. Once we have completed this stage, we then scan each of your slides one by one.

The resolution for this service is a 'medium resolution' which means that unlike a typical high street chain, we will deliver a tremendously larger and more detailed scan than a cheap low resolution scan and even greater than a medium resolution scan. The benefit for you is that the quality of the resulting image is greatly improved.

Once we have completed this stage, we can then output your images to either a
data set of your images or a slideshow.

The DVD Slideshow is a fantastic way of viewing your slides on either a TV or your computer. Typically, the images will fade in and out of one another every five seconds. A menu will include the slideshows complete with a title of your choice. We can optionally add mood music should you like too! To view a sample - click here.

The data version can be used to either make you own prints or for example manipulate and enhance your images digitally thereafter. Because we are scanning at such a resolution, you will benefit by being able to undertake detailed changes thereafter should you like.

Finally, we invariably customise your dvd with your own text and imagery to create that perfect finishing touch. At the end, it is all checked for purpose and quality before being approved for despatch. As for payment, this is only on completion.

35mm Slides or Negatives to CD/DVD (Standard Resolution Service):
Scanning of 35mm Mounted Slides to Digital Images - 1-100 £.89 per 35mm Slide
Scanning of 35mm Mounted Slides to Digital Images - 101-300 £.79 per 35mm Slide
Scanning of 35mm Mounted Slides to Digital Images - 301-600 £.69 per 35mm Slide
Scanning of 35mm Mounted Slides to Digital Images - 601 onwards £.59 per 35mm Slide
For Higher Resolution Scanning Service Please Enquire
DVD Slideshow with or without music - Medium Format Slides or Negatives £30
(Prices include VAT. P&P free for all orders over £95. No Upfront Payment at all required.
We can often provide a discount on greater quantities.
Minimum Order Value: £35 inc vat.
Call us on Freephone 0800 690 6160.
For further enhancements such as chapters and more - please see below.

Postage and Packing - With Free Track and Trace Facility - It's Safer:
In our survey our customers, posting rated as one of the most important areas of concern. We understand this and offer a full Track & Trace facility for every parcel that leaves our studios. Upon despatch should you request it, we'll email you with details of your delivery so you know exactly when you can expect it, along with your tracking reference number.
Recorded Delivery Free for Order over £95 - Otherwise £5.99
Special Delivery - On request
Safety First Postage Option:  
Worried about having your precious films and dvd lost in the post? - For an extra £3.49, we'll post the dvd(s) first and then send your original cine film separately once you've safely received it.

PPI Explained:
Digital images are made up of pixels. The image itself is a matrix of so many pixels wide by so many pixels high.

A 6 megapixel image, for example, roughly has a width of 3000 and a height of 2000 pixels. PPI stands for Pixels Per Inch. PPI then is used to describe how densely the pixels that make up an image are packed within an inch.

A landscape requires more PPI since it may be very detailed. By contrast, a typical portrait can get away with less initial PPI. Also, not all cameras produce equal quality images.

DPI Explained:
DPI stands for dots per inch. Confusingly, it often is used interchangeably with PPI to describe the resolution of digital images/ scanners (which produce digital images).

This is why there is much confusion since DPI refers to the resolution of an output device such as a printer. With a common everyday inkjet printer, DPI represents how many dots of ink are placed within the span of a linear inch on your printed image.

Such printers use a limited number of coloured inks to produce the millions of colours possible in a photograph. Printers vary in respect of how many colours they employ. Some have three, four or even six or more. To make allowances for the limited number of colours, each pixel of the digital image is made up by mixing many tiny dots of ink together.

By way of an example, a 2400 DPI printer has 2400 dots of ink packed together within an inch. If an image were 300 PPI, your printer would use about 48 dots to make up one pixel from the digital image.

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