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Convert VHS to DVD – Where to Buy a Video Player

Are Video Player Machines Still Made?

Convert VHS to DVD – In case you’re wondering whether they (manufacturers) are still making VCRs or not, then you can stop musing about it now because they don’t. Home movie history was turned on its head when Funai Electric stopped production in July 2016 and shipped out the last VCR. Poor sales was cited as the main reason for shutting the company down and now new VCRs have been introduced to the market ever since.

Buying a Video Machine from the Experts
If your initial thoughts were places like Amazon, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, then you’re on point to purchase used and fairly new VHS players.

However, if you don’t mind the price of the VHS players that you want to purchase and you’re really interested to buy from trusted sources who sell quality products, then here are a few sites we recommend.


Electrovid has been operating for more than 10 years now in St. Helens, Merseyside, England and they not only sell discontinued VHS players, but also refurbish them to keep them in the best quality possible. This allows you to convert VHS to DVD

They also keep other types of players in their inventory like video combos. But the older players like Digital 8, Betamax and others are not currently available.

You can do a quick Google search about their store name, then once you get to their homepage, you can search by type, brand, format and even system signal like PAL. They have a wide range of products from S-VHS to Mini-DV VCRs to DVD recorder/VCR combos.


For hardcore connoisseurs and broadcast equipment fanatics (and other things included in this category), this is the legit website to entrust or barter your audiovisual equipment for a price. Although, at the moment, they are not selling video players as they don’t have any in their inventory. Whether you’re looking for digital, analogue or HD video players, you can just ask their service department narrow down your search on all makes and models, and you’ll be sure to have it in no time!

Their inventory list says a lot about them and their deep technical knowledge in video-related machines, which includes a range of things from the most basic such as, monitors and displays to the most advanced video encoding systems, systems integrations and more.

Similar online stores offer the same items more or less, and with just a simple Google search, you can find everything from a HDV VCR to a PAL ¾” VCR, even Betacam VCR parts.

Each item for sale on their list has lots of details on their own, and so you’ll need to know exactly what you’re looking for before you get there, so you won’t get confused with the mountain of information and options. In fact, it might even help to gain some technical knowledge first before searching for specific products that you want to purchase.

Find a free VHS Player Online

People who are downsizing and spring cleaning have only one goal in mind – to get rid of their unwanted things. They’re usually the older types, retired, has a 6-figure income, or owns a business and they don’t have time to put their otherwise still sellable items on eBay.

Ramaging through sites like Gumtree and other similar online communities could make you lucky and you’ll be able to snag a free Video Deck. A lot of these sites were created with the sole purpose to not allow non-biodegradable stuff go to landfills, and so most of the items listed in their inventory are given away for free.

Don’t rule out the possibility that your free VHS player will come with a few hiccups or missing parts. But with some amount of patience and learning how to fix it, revive your VHS home videos without paying!

Places You Probably Won’t Find Video Machines

Prominent and small retail outlets cater more to customers with modern tastes, so no longer include VCR’s in their stores. Most stores stock DVDs and Blu-Ray players and will send you away if you want to purchase old VHS players, as they don’t have them.

If the idea of hunting Video Player Machines in pawn shops has crossed your mind, you may want to reconsider that thought. Consignment stores like pawnshops prefer to buy items for £5 and sell them for £20. Big bulky appliances that play obsolete video formats don’t help make them money so you wont find them in there.

In case you’re unsure in buying equipment online due to potential scams or otherwise their low quality state, then check out thrift shops like Savers; they accept all kinds of items and sell them for a low price.

If your fondness for old tapes still has a hold on you, or maybe you’re thinking about digitising them, then it’s your lucky day! You can still find Video Machines and VHS tapes in the online marketplace up for sale.

Familiar Places to Buy Video Machines Online – Convert VHS to DVD

You still got time! There are VCRs for sale right now on several online communities and virtual vendors. In fact, you can narrow down your search for ‘VCR’ on these sites by location, user ratings and price.

However, opting for this kind of item acquisition has its own risks. At least with big companies like Wal-Mart you’ll get a decent product for your money’s worth. Don’t worry, we will give you some tips and tricks on how you can get a working VCR.


If you’ll do a search for VCR player on Amazon, you’re eventually going to find one. You’d be surprise to find big brands like Panasonic and JVC on the results. But remember to exercise a bit of caution.

If you understand that the items you’re attempting to purchase are obsolete technology, then you should expect them NOT to be brand new.

You’ll find working VCRs on here, but only buy from sellers that have good product reviews and feedback from customers.

Do remember to filter your search by brand or price and the VHS player you want might be eligible for Prime if you’re lucky.


Ebay is a great place for finding VCRs at a price that you can afford. In fact, they even posted an article that teaches people how to find VHS players on their online auction store. Click on the “shop by category” drop down button to search for a specific brand of VCR decks.

You’ll find that most of these listings offer you to “Buy It Now”. Waiting until the auction deadline and outbidding other customers to get the item, then you might get better deals. In a hurry to buy one and want to get the best deal? Filter your search using the “ending soonest” option.

Don’t worry about the product quality because ebay also has seller feedback and ratings like Amazon that you can review in order to help you choose. There are merchants with good ratings and positive reviews from their previous buyers, pick those.

Facebook Marketplace to Convert VHS to DVD

Facebook Marketplace is another great place to find VHS and VCR players! It was launched in 2016 and so far people love it. But as you may well know, not everyone on Facebook is legit, so check the sellers Facebook profile thoroughly before you decide to do business transaction with them.

Red flags usually come in the form of no profile picture, no status updates. Or if they have five friends or less in their account. Of course, there are users who keep a low profile but don’t judge them right away and find out more about the products they’re selling and customer reviews.

If you’re when you’re on a computer or a laptop, you can access Facebook marketplace from the left side bar and if you’re on a smartphone, you can access it from the top navigation bar. It will automatically pull up your location and you can search VCR or VHS player.

When you search for any product, remember to calibrate the distance (of the seller) and price range, so you can get the best VCR equipment for sale.

Tips for Shopping Online – Convert VHS to DVD

The reason why we’re very good at buying a VCR that’s in a really good condition online, is because we digitise all formats of videotapes frequently. We do digitisation based on the various types of video and audio equipment that needs them.

We’ve listed some detailed tips on how to safely purchase items online from individual sellers – Convert VHS to DVD:

  1. Check the seller’s ratings and feedback. Whether you’re going to buy items on eBay or Marketplace, always make it a rule of thumb not to deal with sellers with low ratings and have bad feedback from their buyers.
  2. Be discreet. Attempt to get important details about the product from the seller like if it’s still available, or does it have accessories such as cables. It’s not fun to search the internet for accessories of your vintage VCR when there are very vendors offer such items in your area, and you may have to visit the next town, or God forbid, travel to a farther city or country just to buy them.
  3. Be courteous, patient and equitable. Keep in mind that these sellers are people just like you and they’re not out to start a business, but only want to get rid of the items they’re selling online. Treat them with some respect as well, because you will have to meet them in person in order to buy that VHS player you want.
  4. Never give sellers sensitive information. Always pay cash and don’t give them your money until you have tested the VCR and are satisfied with it. Don’t pay in advance or give them card information (credit card fraud and identity theft is still rampant even in these days). Unless the payment is processed through a third party online payment platform that’s legit.
  5. Setup the meeting in public. Bring a small flatscreen TV and some adapters, so you can test the VCR in person before you pay for it. You can use a car power adapter and use it to plug the TV and the VCR, then use a USB to RCA adapter to test the VRC if it’s working.

What to do with your Video Player Machine – Convert VHS to DVD

Watch and enjoy standard VHS tapes with family and friends. Along with being proud of your vintage equipment collection knowing you’ve made a significant achievement in life. You could also convert VHS to DVD.

Here are some things you can do with your newly bought VCR:

• If it’s newly purchased but it doesn’t work, attempt to fix it. Or resell it if it still won’t work
• Have a smaller VHS-C tapes? use a cassette adapter in order to play it
• Have your old home movies digitised – follow this link to learn more!
• Remember, those polyester plastic coated with polyester urethane and magnetic oxide particles (VHS tapes) won’t last forever. So, watch your favorite home movies as much as you can before they fade away for good. Or you can save them and keep reliving the old glory days by converting VHS to DVD.