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Creating an Elegant Christmas Dining Table

Maybe this year more than others, we can appreciate being able to gather around the table with loved ones. A beautifully adorned table can turn your festive feast up a notch and make this Christmas one to remember.

Creative place settings

Sometimes it is not the big things that ‘make’ Christmas, it’s the little things like personalised place settings at the dinner table. The possibilities for creating unique name tags are endless and you can go one step further and make a difference. 

One idea is to find some colourful leaves from the outside, dry them and write a name on each leaf with a gold pen. The options truly are endless so think of natural things that you can pick up on your winter walks at this time of year e.g. Pine cones, Holly etc. Candy canes could also be a sweet addition to a place setting. 

Festive napkins

Try your hand at some origami to transform your napkins and add a pop of colour and finesse to your festive table. 

There are hundreds of tutorials online to get you started – from Christmas trees to Santas: ? Christmas Tree Napkin Folding Tutorial # HOW TO | Handimania DIY

Berry branch centrepiece

Who doesn’t want to create stunning Christmas table decorations for their guests? Everyone. It doesn’t need to be tricky or expensive though. 

You can find some branches (Berries, Crab apples, Asian pears), put them in a couple of swing-top bottles and it’s done! The appearance of a rustic and cosy country house.

Another easy way to spruce up your table is to use a table runner, where you can easily (and cheaply) get hold of some fabrics at your local textile store. They usually have the facilities to cut the fabric to the length you wish. 

Think about the overall colour scheme of your table overall as this will be part of the central feature. Christmassy colours that go well together are red and green, red and white and golds, silvers and coppers. 

Fancy chalkboard menu

Practice your calligraphy with this fun project. Find a chalkboard you can hang up near where you will be eating and write down the entire menu on the board to get your guests even more excited about the food. 

DIY Crackers

To save on budget and waste, why not make your own crackers? Simply place a treat or small toy in a cardboard toilet roll, wrap crepe or tissue paper and tie the ends with ribbon or string. Aside from the bang of the cracker, there’s nothing you’ll miss from making your own. Try writing your jokes for the inside (…or just ask Google).

This year you can consider decorating the table with gifts that are sentimental and compassionate. 

You may struggle to find a great gift for some family members, so you can give your Grandma/Grandpa/Uncle/Aunt a home video or a framed vintage photo that they can put proudly on their mantlepiece. 

Here at Supaphoto, we are masters of getting those special gifts right so contact us and we can discuss options and ideas to create the best Christmas present at an affordable price. 

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