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Top Valuable VHS Tapes UK That You Can Sell For A Fortune

Valuable VHS tapes – Imagine discovering that your cassette collection is worth thousands – are valuable VHS tapes worth money UK? There could be a goldmine gathering dust in your attic, just waiting to be discovered! Wouldn’t that be incredible?

Urban stories and half-truths about collecting rare VHS Tapes are floating around online. So, we’re here today to discuss if these rumours are true. Did you know one of the largest myths was that Disney’s Black Diamond VHS cassettes can retail for several thousand pounds online? 

The Disney Animated Classic VHS tapes were best-sellers, as was any other family-friendly film. They were wonderful for kids to watch over and over again. Many homes had many Disney films on VCR tapes. 

So, with the popularity of Disney Films and others of the like, it made it difficult to sell on tape. But sadly, this tease of a headline regarding Disney’s Black Diamond editions going for thousands was in fact not true. A shame I know. However, you’ll be pleased to hear that some tapes and money for VHS tapes in the UK provide income, and I’ve established a few rules (actually, recommendations) for determining whether or not you should keep them.

First, track down the old valuable VHS tapes that haven’t made it to DVD yet.

The more scarce the cassettes are, the higher the price will be. So, where can I sell VHS tapes UK? As I previously noted, box office hits typically do not bring in as much money as one would like. It would help if you focused on selling out-of-print movies (OOP) to make money using videos.

OOP are films that weren’t ever released onto DVD. To find out if a film classifies as an OOP, a quick look on the film’s Wikipedia page will give you the information on its distribution and whether your tape is in fact an OOP. Although, something to note is that many OOP valuable VHS tapes are more often than not B-movie horror or banned films. 

Banned (or ‘video nasty‘) flicks and low-budget horror films are not only scary and improper for children, but they also have quite the overlap. This is because of The Video Recordings Act of 1984, which required BBFC (British Board of Film Censors) approval of all home movies. Which in turns means that many B-movie horror films were censored due to their gruesome content.

Selling VHS Horror and OOP Films.

So, these banned and OOP horror films typically sell for quite the lump sum. For example, the out-of-print horror picture Don’t Open The Window sold on eBay for £250. Similarly, a VHS expert would tell you that your Knockout or Trytel film is extremely valuable because of the production’s low budget and limited home movie distribution.

As a general rule, valuable VHS tapes are considered collectables. However, an incredibly important step in evaluating the value of your VHS tape is its condition. To find out more, I advise you read our article on how to keep your valuable VHS tapes in good condition.

Halloween on VHS can fetch hundreds of pounds. You’re rich if you own Halloween 1978 with the misspelled word “Media” (Meda). The rare cassette sold for $1300 (£937) in 2013. Last month, the same version made $350 (£250). So, if you’re lucky enough to own such a rarity, they are still selling for a high price even to this day.

VHS tapes have aged quite well. These home video releases from the 1980s and 1990s are like a window into the past, especially the ones that preserved the original cuts or artwork flaws from the tape packaging. As you can see, artwork flaws or typo’s only make the VHS rarer. All you need to make sure is that the flaws are strictly within these areas and not with the tape itself, this will lower the quality. 

Let’s be honest: very few of us have access to a big library of obscure horror films on VHS or Cassette.

On eBay, IGS-sealed VHS casettes sell for hundreds or thousands of pounds. Empire Strikes Back in pristine condition sold at auction for $1440.66.

Third Rule of Nostalgia – Valuable VHS Tapes: It Can Bring in Extra Cash

The final rule for selling recordings is ambiguous and depends on chance. When seeing a video from their adolescence, a person may spend irrationally.

If you price the tape competitively and market it to the right demographic, you can make a profit (although not in the thousands) from sales.

Also, live entertainment events can be lucrative because people crave performances from their youth or regret missing an artist’s beginning. So, selling Official recordings or home recordings of concerts is always worth doing.

Before advertising and selling VHS tapes, determine their value. A quick search of recent eBay transactions can show how much similar recordings have sold. More targeted marketing increases sales of valuable VHS tapes.

Remember to make sure that you have a digital copy of your priceless VHS tapes before you decide to sell them. Supaphoto is a widely trusted video digitisation service in the UK and will help you transfer your old cassettes, VHS Tapes, Cine Film and more.