Analogue to Digital Media Conversion Questions

We tend to use tracked Royal Mail to return any small orders. This is a 48H service typically. For any larger orders, we would use either Parcel Force or a registered courier. Once an order is dispatched, we would typically send you an email that includes the tracking information.

Yes indeed – just let us know beforehand that you require this at checkout stage in the comment section and mark on your videos the number sequence please. Happy to help!

Rest assured that these blank tapes will not be charged. If there are blank tapes, we will either refund any payment made for the units or they will not be charged on your invoice.

Opt for an additional set of digital files. Digital files do not fade. Unlike DVDs, they cannot be scratched. They can be easily copied onto other hard drives so that critical backups can be made.

We are able to convert most types of audio format with us, including compact cassette, quarter inch reel to reel to tapes, portable dictaphones tapes, DAT, Mini Disc and vinyl to digital/CD.

We are also able to convert most types of video tape including VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV, MicroMV and Betamax to digital/DVD.

Not much but if you have not viewed your films in recent years, we advise you to scan through the contents of your film(s) using a projector and (assuming they are numbered) check the reel numbers correctly match the numbers on the boxes, particularly numbers 6 and 9. If you haven’t used your projector for a few years, be very careful not to damage your film since long dormant projectors very often do more damage than good to your films when used for the first time again.

In simple terms, it means taking images, films, videos and audio tapes and then converting them into easier to use and maintain digital formats. In the process, you will safeguard your family memories and be able to share them in your family.

Supaphoto simply makes this process simple for you in a way that’s safe and cost efficient.

No, your original material will be returned to you unmodified.