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Our audio cassette tape repair service with fix your precious cassette tapes - Just send your audio recordings to us and we'll fix them for you, digitising your memories onto a USB, CD or download via Cloud.

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Whatever the issue you face from broken cases, tape that needs splicing or repairing, twisted tape or if it's been stretched, our audio tape repair service can fix the issue and preserve those important recordings for many years to come

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Preserve, Share & Enjoy The Supaphoto Way

The best thing you could ever do for your family in three simple steps.

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1. Package Up Your Memories

Simply pack your beloved memories and send them to us. Use either our courier collection and return service or send it to us directly. Ask for your step by step welcome pack now.

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2. Lovingly Converted

We love what we do. Our dedicated team will digitise every item by hand. We’ve saved millions of memories over 20 years. And don’t worry, you’ll get regular updates along the way.

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3. Share & Enjoy With Your Family

This is where the magic begins, We’ll return your original media. Once preserved, access them via our easy cloud download service, USB stick or a CD. Relax and let those memories flood in. 

Audio Tape Repair Sample - Listen

Over the years we’ve transcribed audio from many people and organisations. Spoken history is always something that fascinates us as the people of speak of events that affected them that to that point unknown. 

This particular recording is from a French lady who recalls her first impressions after moving to England in 1946.

We’ve transcribed huge cassette collections from county councils in England to recording the history of people speaking in their own words that lived in a small village called Ditchling in Sussex over many years since they were very young. 

See also our Prices and FAQs further below.

Supaphoto's Audio Repair Service Advantages

Here are just a few of the reasons why people choose Supaphoto everyday. You won’t be disappointed.

Cassette Tapes

Security of Handling

We take security of handling very seriously

adv free audio compact cassette c scaled

Free Blanks & Other Services

No charge for blank tapes & free trimming when necessary

adv advanced audio c

Optional Advanced Service

Ideal for customers with material that needs more tender loving care

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Choice of Output

Choose between a Digital File download via Supaphoto© Cloud, USB or CD

Sussex University's Massive Collection of Bob Copper's Priceless English Folk Music

We were so proud to have been chosen by the University of Sussex to digitalise and convert their priceless collection of beautiful audio reel to reel magnetic recordings from Bob Copper. We’ve also scanned hundreds of images from Sir Richard Attenborough’s photo collection which he left to Sussex University. 

Bob Copper, who has died aged 89, was a leading member of the famous singing Copper family of Rottingdean, East Sussex, and an important collector of English folksongs. His earliest musical memories were of sitting around the fire singing with his father, Jim, and his grandfather James Copper, who was born in 1845. 

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Repair Audio Tape Prices

At Supaphoto we take pleasure in doing things in the right way and growing our business slowly through referrals.

Our  Prices:
Prices start from £29.99

We can also digitally convert your tape after the repair too. Typical Compact Cassettes include for 1 hour of capture, plenty for most tapes! If you have compact cassettes that exceed 1 hour, costs are limited to just £19.99 extra per hour of work, per item. 

What Do I Want Back? – Choose from one of the following options:
i) Mp3 Digital Files as a Free Download from Supaphoto Cloud for easy listening & sharing with family
ii) Mp3 Digital Files on a Master USB Stick
iii) Conversion to a new CD in a nice presentation case

Optional Extras:
– Back-up Version on Master USB Memory Stick: £19.99
– Back-up Version of CD in Presentation Case: £19.99
– Extra copy of CD in Presentation Case: £9.99

Is it easy to share with my family?
It’s so easy. Just forward the link we’ll send you or share your USB memory stick.

Free Doorstep Collection & Return Delivery
We’re easy to deal with at Supaphoto. Contact Us Now to receive your free welcome pack and address label. We’ll then liaise with you to get your package collected free of charge. Not only that but our prices also include free return delivery – all fully tracked

No Upfront Payment? – When do I pay?
We never charge upfront unlike other companies. Why? Because there’s always a chance that you have blank tapes. 

Want to Order? – How Can I contact You?
Simple! Just Call us on freephone 0800 690 6160 or drop us a line. convert camcorder tapes to digital copy 1 audio tape repairs copy reel to reel copy micro cassette copy vhs c copy


We’ve made life easy for you by compiling the the most commonly asked questions that we’ve been asked over the years in one place!

How can I listen to my recordings?
Could not be easier! Either plug in a simple USB and listen on PC, laptop or ipad. Listen on your mobile phone or play a CD on a CD player. 

Which media output is best?
Digital files are easy to play and share on PCs, laptops, ipads and phones. Have fun too sound editing as well. A back-up CD also makes sense. 

Do you offer an advanced service?
Yes we do. It delivers a superior, cleaner sound. It takes a little longer but doesn’t cost much more.

Our Advanced AI Sound Restoration Service
This service delivers superior noise reduction and background music removal. The unique algorithm often produces cleaner, more faithful audio recordings.

Would I be charged for blank tapes?
Don’t worry. We NEVER charge for blank tapes!

How long does it take?
Typically 5-10 working days or less. 

Do you send the originals back?
Yes indeed – It’s important that you always keep your originals somewhere safe.


Is it easy to share with my family?
It’s so easy. Just forward the link we’ll send you or share your USB memory stick.

My audio tape sounds very poor in places. Can it still be transferred?

You’ll be amazed at the results we deliver.  Our audio restorer will review first and advise you..

Can I listen to them and save them on a Free Online Cloud Gallery?
Yes indeed and you can share them with your family thereafter.

Where can I read reviews about your service?
We always treat tapes as if they were our own. Read our reviews for yourself

Why should I do it?
All sound recordings slowly deteriorate. The sooner you do it – the better. 

What’s your security like?
Rest assured that we take security of handling very seriously and have an insurance policy to match. 

I have a lot of audio tapes – Can I get a bulk discount?
Just contact us to see how we can help. See also our buy now, pay later option. 

I still have questions!
Call us for some friendly help on freephone 0800 690 6160 or drop us a line

What's Included?

You’ll receive everything needed to safeguard your memories.

Yes, where collection is applicable, we’ll organise for an easy to understand pre-paid address label to be sent to you. Could not be more simple. There’s also a section in there for you to add notes. 

We know how precious your memories are. It can feel like a big decision. The Supaphoto Welcome Guide explains the process in step by step simple terms. It will also include useful contact details for peace of mind.

We loe what we do. Our dedcated team will digitise every item by hand. We’ve saved millions of memories over 20 years. And don’t worry, you’ll get regular updates along the way.

This is where the magic begins. We’ll return all of your original media. Once preserved, you can access your files via our easy cloud download service, on a memory stick or a lovely DVD. Finally, just relax and let those memories flood in!.

Customer surrounded by video tapes, photographs and audio tapes while looking at the films that Supaphoto have transferred

Audio Cassette Tape Repair Service - Quality Assurances

Our goal is always to repair your Audio as faithfully as feasible. It’s important to capture in great detail so as to enable whatever your next steps are.

We give them a light blow with compressed air and
then lightly brush them to remove obvious dust. 
If you’ve requested them to be scanned in order, that’s what we’ll endeavour to do. .

Converted, Preserved and Ready to Enjoy

Choose what you’ll get back. Sit back and soak it in!

Mobile phone showing transferred photo.

Digital Download

This is a memory stick holding transferred media.

Memory Stick

Customer DVD in presentation case

DVD in Case

Bulk Discounts

Got a large order? We’ll do our best to help you. Just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

We're Proud of Our Service!


We are proud to have repaired and restored many hundreds of audio tapes of the years.

Typically we see the need for audio cassette tape repair due to damaged and broken film. Perhaps they are wrinkled, twisted or torn? Sometimes they jam  when you have tried to play them.

We sincerely hope that they aren’t but if they are, there’s no need to worry. We can help there. We’ll do our very best to provide you with cassette repair

At one end of the spectrum, it could be careful resplicing that’s needed. At the other end it could be something more technically demanding such as sticky tape syndrome. Sticky-shed syndrome is a relatively common condition caused by the breakdown of the magnetic tape.

Sometimes your tapes would have been affected by a non naturally occurring event. It’s not uncommon to receive calls from someone saying that their precious compact cassette with a recording of their grandmother has had tea split over it. Often this was just as they were about to insert it into a cassette deck.

Sometimes this results in a request for an  audio cassette tape repair.

We’ve also seen the same on many occasions with reel to reel audio tape. Once penetrating the cassette case, it can do a lot of damage if not treated soon enough. 

We offer this service for most formats of audio – including compact cassette repair, reel to reel (including ¼ inch tape), compact cassette, vinyl record, audio tape, micro cassette, cassette tape and digital audio tape. We are sometimes also asked to look at recovering audio from damaged CDs, though it is not very easy or possible.

We love offering our audio cassette player repair service . One example of such a customer was a family from Newcastle who had audio recordings of their grandfather talking about his role as a machine gunner in the battle of the Somme in 1916. In the recording he gave a riveting and spellbinding account of life in the trenches. Both interesting and sad, it was an honour to have brought this recording back to life.       

How We've Helped People Over the Years

We’ve also proudly partnered many organisations with the local history audio projects where locals have been interviewed and their memories of the town or village have been captured for future generations to enjoy. Two such examples include Redbridge Council and the local sleepy village of Ditchling in Sussex as part of their oral history projects.

Were were also proudly chosen to digitalise a massive collection of Bob Copper’s reel to reel audio recordings by Sussex University. They include priceless open air recordings of his folk songs being performed live by his family in Sussex pubs in the 50’s and 60’s. That was in the period where pubs had so much lively local human entertainment. It was truly an honour to have been chosen for that prestigious project – Fantastic!

Sometimes we’ve been asked to supply audio cassette repair kits or audio cassette tape repair tape, but we don’t supply such things. On balance we’ve learnt that until the issue has been examined, you cannot know if such a kit would even resolve the issue. The repair work type can vary considerably. Nor do would we undertake an audio cassette tape player repair but we often see cases where people’s tapes are literally stuck in cassette players too. I n such cases we do our best to extract them.

Our Promise To Deliver A Quality Audio Cassette Player Repair Service

Whatever your issue, let us take a look at your cassette repair and we can give you an estimate to fix the problem where practicable. There’s no need to understand new stuff. A splicing block, cotton swab for pinch rollers and erase heads, a pressure pad – these are complex things for most to grasp. We’ll save you the trouble of getting an audio tape repair kit and starting from scratch to learn how to repair broken tapes.

The great thing is that assuming we’ve been able to resolve the broken audio tape issue perhaps by splicing the tape, you’ll have the opinion of transferring your audio tape to a new digital format such as an MP3 or a WAV file. Your precious family recordings will survive and your grandchildren will be able to enjoy the experience. If unsure what type of audio tape you have – have a look at our dedicated section which explains the various types.

Audio Conversion Sample & Customers

Why not check out the quality of our Audio Transfer Service. Over the years we have converted many audio recordings, ranging from the entire collection of the Copper Family’s reel to reel copies of old English folk songs (literally hundreds of hours!) to an entire collection of oral history cassette tapes from the residents of Ditchling Village.

We were chosen to undertake conversion work for the TV Production Company behind the BBC’s Repair Shop!

Other projects include digitalising Sir Richard Attenborough’s personal collection of images, converting early footage of Virgin Airways promotional films and digitalisation work relating to Windsor Castle, the Mary Rose and the late Queen Elizabeth II

Discover more about the range of audio tapes and formats that we transfer – convert audio tapes to digital services. 

If you’re still unsure which audio conversion service is best for you – read our audio tape inspiration and conversion guide.


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Common Questions

Yes we employ audio software which enables us to remove or reduce unwanted background noise or equalise the audio to enhance the human voice of audio cassettes.