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Welcome to Supaphoto! A digital transfer service story!

Our story – A digital transfer service

For nearly 20 years now, Supaphoto has been preserving precious memories through a digital transfer service. Convert cine films, photos and slides, VHS tapes and more to digital formats!

As a little insight, here is the story of how we began…

The concept for Supaphoto started in Mexico City in 2002. The founder found himself there with no means of earning any money and could not speak the language. One day he was advised to pursue what he was most passionate about which was film and photography. 

With this in mind, he went door to door to all of the local photo shops to offer his services. On his return to England, he brought the concept back here and expanded into other areas.

From an individual passion, sparked a business that now has a clientele base all over the world. Supaphoto has helped thousands of clients protect the treasured past through high-quality photo scanning, video, film, and audio conversion, photo album scanning, even creating customised family history books and edited videos. So if you have a question such a what is cine film? or are wondering how to convert vhs to digital, take a trip to our website to answer these questions and many more.

Our services

  • Transfer photos to digital
  • Transfer video Tapes to digital

View our homepage for an extensive list of what we can transfer: 

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Our digital transfer service process:

Transfers at Supaphoto are made in three simple steps:

  1. Pack your material and send it to us
  1. We convert and preserve
  1. Share & Enjoy

To talk about your query call Freephone 0800 690 6160 or email us at to get started. For more information about contacting us, click here.

How you can receive your memories

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Secure cloud download service or a Memory stick.

(Ideal for viewing on computers and TVs)

  • DVD in Presentation Case

The added security benefit of being a physical hard copy of your films. 

(Ideal for viewing on computers and TVs)

  • Dual Media Safety Pack

Digital files with the safety of a hard copy. 

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