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VHS tapes to Digital – Should I Convert?

VHS tapes to digital – Have you ever pondered what to do with that stack of VHS tapes collecting dust in your home? It may be time for a digitisation service.

Three decades ago, VHS tapes were the go-to medium for storing up to 3 hours of cherished home videos and recording all your favourite TV shows on your VCR. They were your savior when social plans clashed with your must-see TV, and your nemesis when you accidentally recorded over yout vhs tape something precious. But times have changed.

Today, with streaming services offering easy access to beloved shows and mobile phones capable of preserving memories in an instant, the idea of hunting down a VHS tape and setting up a camcorder seems almost comical. If you no longer own a VCR because modern TVs have made them obsolete, what do you do with all those VHS tapes? Digitising VHS tapes is the answer, breathing new life into your memories for the digital age.

The thought of transferring VHS to digital may initially feel daunting, considering the equipment and effort required, however, professional video services have simplified the process. All you need to do is select your tapes, package them, and send them to the service.

But I Cannot Check What’s on my Tapes?

No problem! These services will sift through your footage, removing unwanted TV or static screens, ideal if you’re looking to convert VHS tapes to digital. The resulting files will be transferred into MP4 format, or your preferred format. This makes it easy to watch and edit without prior viewing.

And if my Tapes are in Less-than-Ideal Condition?

Services like Supaphoto include cleaning and repair as part of the converting VHS tapes to digital service. Sending in your tapes promptly increases the chances of salvaging your memories from film deterioration or mould. Expert technicians can repair damaged tapes, and in-house editing ensures your videos play seamlessly.

OK! But what If I only want to Repair my Video Tapes without Having Them Converted to Digital?

Conversion is typically included in the price of VHS to digital services. Expecting VHS tapes to remain in pristine condition for the next 20 years is unrealistic. Converting them to DVD, USB, or the Cloud not only declutters your home but also protects your videos from damage.

OK, Should I transfer my VHS tapes to digital or DVD?

It depends really. If converting VHS to DVD, it’s good to have a back-up, but relying on DVDs poses problems. Because they are following the same path as tapes due to the rise of streaming services. For greater convenience, you should consider converting your tapes to a USB or cloud format. USBs are easily compatible with smart TVs and computers, while cloud downloads enable you to watch your videos on your phone from anywhere. Making it a perfect choice for sharing with friends and family.

VHS tapes to digital – Now that I’ve Selected my Tapes and Format to digitise, what Video Service Should I Use?

Supaphoto stands out as the premier video conversion service in the UK. They utilise top-notch studio VHS decks equipment to ensure the highest quality video conversions. What sets them apart is their user-friendly website with helpful tips and advice, allowing you to place orders and easily communicate with the company through web chat, email, or phone for any questions you may have.