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How to Create a Super-Cool, No-Fuss Video of Your Holiday

How to create a super-cool, no-fuss video of your holiday

We all know that the last couple of years have been tough on everyone but the thing that the pandemic has made us realise the most is to enjoy life as much as we can. 

If you get the chance to go on holiday this year, why not create a fun video memoir from your time away? That means, when you get back home and those holiday blues hit, you can relive the memories through the great travel video you created.

Follow this guide for some top tips to present your holiday and get your friends thinking you’re a professional!

Location, Location, Location!

Think about where you are going to be filming video clips, the backdrop is key to making your video go from standard to super. Areas that could make your footage ‘pop’ range from palm tree-lined freeways, fields of golden corn swaying in the breeze to an ice-cold snow backdrop to winter sports.

What time of day you will be shooting? Take advantage of the time before the sun rises, sunrise (great for lens flares), ‘Golden Hour’ which happens shortly before sunset and sunset, to catch those beautiful watercolour skies.

No fancy equipment needed

It’s no longer necessary to carry a bulky and expensive DSLR camera to create a high-quality travel video, as long as you have a decent digital camera in your pocket (e.g. your phone!)

A lot of these smartphones nowadays have interactive features or you can download great apps which enable you to film real-time slow-motion, time-lapse etc. You can access an endless supply of filters without that post-production video editing faff. Get your hands on one of those wide-angle lenses for phones to capture the essence of that self-shot snowboarding down the Alps. 

What’s your narrative?

Having a basic theme or narrative is useful to have in mind when putting clips and footage together on your phone. Short, snappy videos are excellent at encapsulating the excitement of the holiday but not boring any friends or family that are watching it. For example, you may be wanting to create a short video from your romantic honeymoon in St Lucia – piece together romantic slides such as sunsets on the beach, swimming in the moonlit sea to give it that fairytale feel.

Give it a soundtrack 

Every great film needs a great soundtrack, right? Imagery and music go hand in hand which is why making sure you have the right music for your video is a must. Think about what kind of music would fit well with your holiday video, is it a canoe trip through the Thai waters which begs for a Mumford and Sons indie/folk vibe or is it more of an upbeat beach holiday with a steel drum cover of a Bob Marley song?

There are hundreds of websites that have royalty-free music which just means you can use music for your project free of charge otherwise it would be deemed as copyright. For example – Pixabay or Bensound 

Digitise your past holiday videos with Supaphoto

Have you seen the trend where people are recreating old photos 10 years later and putting them side by side? It is a great and simple way to keep in the present but also reminisce the past. How about this idea: Why not put two videos together so that they play alongside next to each other. Old footage is a great way to make a new film more unique and can be passed on down through generations. 

Although you may be creating future family holiday videos on your phone and storing everything there, don’t forget the old home videotapes you have lying around at home!

old home videotapes

We should preserve every memory as best as we can, not letting them fade, so why don’t you spend the afternoon with an early spring clean listening to your favorite Whitney Houston soundtrack, fishing out those old cine videos and photos…  Then get in touch with the team at Supaphoto and we can take it from there…Go on! Those films aren’t going to digitise themselves. 

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