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Use Supaphoto© for our video to DVD Service. Benefit from our new REVIVAL scan technology with AI video enhancement for beautiful results and rich, detailed colours - to MP4 Digital, USB, DVD or Cloud Download. All done by hand in the UK.

Video to DVD Converting Services - With Supaphoto© Quality

If you're looking for video to DVD converting services, we'll preserve and safeguard your VHS, camcorder tapes & memory cards to new safe, digital versions to share with the family. 20+ Years Experience, 000's of Genuine 5 Star Reviews. Hundreds of Happy Clients. Plus Free Doorstep Collection & Return PP.

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Our customers span from private individuals to institutions and TV production companies

John Crossman
John Crossman
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I've just had some reels of 8mm home cine film digitised, over 50 years old, and so good to see again after many years. The team at Supaphoto were most helpful, friendly and efficient in both the work and in their keeping in touch with me regarding the process. From my experience I highly recommend
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I wanted to share my wonderful experience with this company. I had a tricky order of digitalising over a decades worth of photos on SD cards, CDs, loose photos and USB. This company have excelled in converting everything to one USB stick. Customer service has been outstanding and kept me upto date every step of the way. From initial enquiry to finish. I want to say Thank you highly recommended and would 100% use them again.
James Ford
James Ford
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Was very happy to receive my sentimental VHS tapes digitised, and written to DVD format. It was very helpful to be able to discuss my requirement, and to be informed of suitable alternatives, that I was not aware of.
enrico capaldi
enrico capaldi
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Great service, nothing was to much trouble, lovely people to deal with. would recommend.
Terry Fensom
Terry Fensom
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We are very pleased with our recent dealings with Supaphotos. Emile has listened attentively to our requests to transfer our old photos from video tapes, large and minl and cds onto memory sticks for easier storage and viewing. The service has been prompt and efficient and I am happy to recommend Supaphoto to all our friends and family.
Sarah Corton
Sarah Corton
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We took our old camcorder tapes to Emile to be converted to digital. We are absolutely thrilled with the results ! Five star service Thoroughly recommend
robert peckham
robert peckham
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I was very pleased to have found Supaphoto to do some digitising of old slides. I used the bulk slide scanning service to digitise about 600 slides from the 1970s - 1980s, and was delighted with the results. Now those memories are preserved and kept in an easily accessible form. The client communication was excellent and very friendly, with regular updates as the project proceeded leading to high confidence. Would definitely use them again if needed.
Jenny Brown
Jenny Brown
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Brilliant, efficient and friendly service. Great attention to what was required, changing slides to digital - the team supported to get the colour perfect. Would highly recommend Supaphoto to anyone.
Elaine Nicolson
Elaine Nicolson
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Supaphoto have recently digitised my late parents 35 mm slides. The process has been so straighforward and easy to navigate. All the staff I have talked to have been friendly and helpful, talking me through the process and alleviating my fears around sending the slides to them. The results are amazing, these slides date back to the early 1960's and have not been viewed in at least 20 years - my sister and I now have many hours in front of us trying to work out where they were taken and who is in them! What a treat after all this time.

Transfer Video to DVD with Supaphoto - What Video Tapes do we Transfer?

We specialise in converting video tapes to easy to play everyday media formats such as Digital Video Files like MP4. Use our easy Supaphoto© Cloud Download Service or choose a USB Memory Stick. You can also opt for a DVD in a nice presentation case.

For video tape to digital, typically you will have one of the following formats 8mm Video Tapes:  VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Mini DV, Camcorder tapes such as Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8, Betamax, or Micro MV.  

We also transfer Memory Cards to and can convert DVD to Digital 
to safeguard thee videos and images held on the cards.  (Both of these services are increasingly sought after. For example, with the passage of time, we are more and more seeing unplayable DVDs that have become scratched or are just suffering from deterioration through age and storage.)

To compliment our transfer services, We also provide a host of supporting services such  Video Tape Repairs, Video Restoration, DVD Disc Repair, Mould on Tape Cleaning and Recovery Services  NTSC to PAL Conversions and Video Editing Services

You might also have these types which were generally used in a more professional context – Betacam, Digital Betacam, DV Cam, HDV, U-Matic Low and High Band.

Common video brands we are handle – Sony, TDK, Memorex, JVC, Kodak, Fuji, Maxwell & more
Whatever the brand, we can convert your 8mm tapes. We’re used to handling them.

Supaphoto's Video Tape To Digital Transfer Service Advantages

Here are just a few of the reasons why people choose Supaphoto everyday. You won’t be disappointed.

Hand holding two CD cases, on with a disk and a memory stick on it

Output & Viewing

Digital file download via Cloud, USB or DVD. Watch on TV, PC, tablet or mobile

Media Transfer Advantages - Colour Corrections

Colour Corrections

Expert colour correction for faded scenes and frame by frame remastering

video restoration with AI Supaphoto© 2024

AI Video Restoration

Optional AI upscale and restoration delivers cleaner videos with enhanced sound

Supaphoto Video Conversion Free Services © 2024

Free Services

Free tape inspection and no charge for blank domestic vhs and camcorder tapes

video conversion advantages Supaphoto© 2023

Security of Handling

We take security of handling very seriously at Supaphoto with step by step tracking

Supaphoto's Video Tape To Digital Transfer Service Advantages

Here are just a few of the reasons why people choose Supaphoto everyday. You won’t be disappointed.

Before & After - RAW Capture V AI Enhancement & Upscale

Interested in Transferring Video to DVD? - See Example Below

We take technical quality seriously at Supaphoto. We deliver great results with our video capture process as you can see from the VHS Tape example below. Now with our REVIVAL AI process and treatment, the quality is even better! We can now optionally use the latest AI to restore your videos. This enhancement technology can sharpen film while recovering accurate detail, remove excess harsh noise while recovering true authentic detail in your film, soften the look of dust and scratches, stabilise the film and more.

For more information, watch our service and examples video

Supaphoto Video Conversion - Pre AI Enhancement ©Supaphoto 2024


Pre Treatment

Supaphoto Video Conversion - Pre AI Enhancement ©Supaphoto 2024


Post Treatment

Video to Digital - Formats We Convert

There aren’t many types of video tape that we don’t convert. From VHS to tapes from camcorder tapes, we’ll cover most peoples needs.

Video to Digital - Formats We Convert

There aren’t many types of video tape that we don’t convert. From VHS to tapes from camcorder tapes, we’ll cover most peoples needs.

Preserve, Share & Enjoy - The Supaphoto Way

The best thing you could ever do for your family in three simple steps.

Supaphoto employee packing customer film in box.

1. Package Up Your Memories

Simply call us to arrange free collection pack your memories and send them to us. Use either our courier collection and return service or send it to us directly. Ask for your step by step welcome pack now.

Supahoto staff carefully handling customer material.

2. Lovingly Converted

We love what we do. Our dedicated team will digitise every item by hand. We’ve saved millions of memories over 20 years. And don’t worry, you’ll get regular updates along the way.

family sitting together watching a Supaphoto transfer

3. Share & Enjoy With Your Family

This is where the magic begins, We’ll return your original media. Once preserved, access them via our easy cloud download service, USB stick or a DVD. Relax and let those memories flood in. 

Preserve, Share & Enjoy The Supaphoto Way

The best thing you could ever do for your family in three simple steps.

Supaphoto Video to Digital Services & Samples Film

Not everyone has the time to read lots of words.

That’s why we’re produced this short & simple film which explains what we do in a simple way. It also includes a few video transfer samples to put your mind at ease.

We hope that you enjoy it!

See also our Prices and FAQs further below.

Converted, Preserved and Ready to Enjoy

Choose what you’ll get back. Sit back and soak it in!

Mobile phone showing transferred photo.

Digital Download

This is a memory stick holding transferred media.

USB Memory Stick

Customer DVD in presentation case

DVD in Case

Converted, Preserved and Ready to Enjoy

Choose what you’ll get back. Sit back and soak it in!

Sir Richard Attenborough – One of Supaphoto’s Proudest Moments

We were so proud to be chosen by the University of Sussex to preserve some of film director Sir Richard Attenborough’s photographs.

Over the years, we’ve also scanned thousands of photo from prestigious photo albums going back to the 1900’s for British politicians to thousands of everyday family photo collections for families throughout the UK.

Proud staff member having completed some work at his desk.

Our Video Transfer Prices

At Supaphoto we take pleasure in doing things in the right way and growing our business slowly through referrals.

Video Transfer Prices to MP4 Digital Files or DVD(s)
1 Tape: £29.99 
2 – 5 Tapes: £24.99 each
6 Tapes Onwards: £21.99 each

Prices typical VHS tapes include for 2 hour of capture, plenty for most tapes! – If you have videos that exceed 2 hour, costs are limited to just £9.99 extra per hour, per item.

What Do I Want Back? – Choose from one of the following options:
i) Mp4 Digital Files as a Free Download from Supaphoto Cloud for easy viewing & sharing with family
ii) Mp4 Digital Files on a Master USB Stick
iii) Conversion to a new DVD in a nice presentation case 

Optional Extras:
– Back-up Version on Master USB Memory Stick: £19.99
– Back-up Version of DVD in Presentation Case: £19.99
– Extra copy of DVD in Presentation Case: £9.99

Free Doorstep Collection & Return Delivery
We’re easy to deal with at Supaphoto. Contact Us Now to receive your free welcome pack and address label. We’ll then liaise with you to get your package collected free of charge. Our prices also includes free return delivery. 

Want to Order? – How Can I contact You?
Simple! Just Call us on freephone 0800 690 6160 or drop us a line.

More Questions?
See FAQs directly below convert camcorder tapes to digital copy 1 u matic copy video 8 to digital copy pal to ntsc video conversion copy video restoration service copy


We’ve made life easy for you by compiling the the most commonly asked questions that we’ve been asked over the years in one place!

How can I view my films?
Could not be easier! Either plug a simple USB into your TV and view as a slideshow or watch on PC, laptop, ipad or mobile phone. 

Is it easy to share with my family?
It’s so easy. Just forward the link we’ll send you or share your USB memory stick.

Which media output is best?
Digital files are easy to play and share on PCs, laptops, ipads and phones. Start your own home movie editing projects too. A back-up DVD also makes sense. 

No Upfront Payment? – When do I pay?
We never charge upfront unlike other companies. Why? Because there’s always a small chance that you may have non-chargeable blank tapes.   

Would I be charged for blank tapes?
Don’t worry. We NEVER charge for blank tapes!

How long does it take?
Typically 5-10 working days or less. 

Do you offer an advanced service?
Yes. It delivers more vivid colours, better contrast, sharper pictures and image stabilisation. It takes longer but and costs relatively little more.

New! AI Cinematic Video Restoration Service
Our new AI REVIVAL restoration system leverages intelligent temporal data to deliver cleaner, more faithful videos. Whether you have tapes, DVDs or video files, we’ll can transform them into beautiful HD even higher resolution videos. 

Do you send the originals back?
Yes indeed – It’s important that you always keep your originals somewhere safe.

Can You Upscale to HD/4K High Definition?
Yes! Go for that true magical cinematic experience! It also has features such as picture stabilisation, colour correction, frame rate correction and more besides. 

My video looks very poor in places. Can it still be transferred?
Yes definitely! We’ll always review and advise you first though. And if a few tapes appear mouldy, we even have a dedicated process to handle these too.

Can I view and save them on a Free Online Cloud Gallery?
Yes indeed and you can share them with your family thereafter.

Where can I read reviews about your service?
We always treat tapes as if they were our own. Read our reviews for yourself

Why should I do it?
All videos slowly deteriorate over time. The sooner you do it – the better. 

What’s your security like?
Rest assured that we take security of handling very seriously and have an insurance policy to match. 

I have a lot of videos – Can I get a bulk discount?
Just contact us to see how we can help. See also our buy now, pay later option. 

I still have questions – How Can I contact You?
Call us for some friendly help on freephone 0800 690 6160 or drop us a line

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From the Public to Museums & TV Production Companies

Simple icon showing a family.

Private Individuals

We’ve helped 000s of private individuals to share, preserve and enjoy their images over the years

Simple icon of a film producers on-set deck chair.

TV & Film Production Companies

We’re proud to have been chosen by numerous film production companies over the years

Simple icon of a museum with pillars.

Museums and Other Institutions

We’ve had the honour of converting countless films and recordings for prestigious museums too

From the Public to Museums & TV Production Companies

Don’t Just Take our Word For it...

“Just had my photo albums scanned by Supaphoto, cannot praise them enough”

Zac A. Amazing Results!

“Highly recommend Supaphoto. Very professional individual service, great results”

Deborah O. Great Results!

“Highly recommend and sorting through more memories for them to preserve. Thanks”

James J. Highly Recommended!

“Very professional service, very helpful… and the quality was second to none! Many Thanks”

Mike B. Very Professional Service!

“Fantastic door to door service, slides, cine films and all sorts at a great price converted to the highest quality”

Simon Y. Highest Quality!

“So grateful to be able to look on these old family films after the recent passing of my grandparents. Thank you!”

Callum Y. So Grateful!
    Just Some of our Valued Clients

    Why Convert Video to Digital

    Let’s pay homage to the resilient parents of the 1980s, the heroes of the camcorder era. Your aching arms, burdened shoulders, and that ever-dilated right eye tirelessly capturing soccer matches, deftly zooming in and out – you turned every British household into a mini TV studio. Priceless memories were etched onto those tapes: ballet recitals, school plays, sports days, family vacations, and so much more. But nows it’s time to immortalise those memories by converting them to digital before they degrade any more.

    The Importance of Preserving Memories By A Video Tape to Digital Conversion

    The time and effort invested in preserving these memories on tape were truly well-spent. However, the importance of safeguarding these precious moments cannot be overstated. It’s time to convert those home video to USB digital format before they slip away into oblivion. Nowadays, finding a functional VCR that won’t crunch up your old tapes or an adapter for those non-VHS formats can be quite a challenge.

    Why Video Tapes Deteriorate Over Time And Why Convert Video Tapes To Digital?

    Additionally, the magnetic tape inside video cassette cartridges begins to deteriorate after 15 years, starting with a decline in quality and ultimately affecting the images themselves.

    Common Causes of Video Tape Degradation Where Can I Convert Video To DVD Near Me

    Video tapes deteriorate over time due to a combination of factors, and this degradation can significantly impact the quality of the recorded content, another factor to convert videos. Here are some common ways in which video tapes deteriorate:

    1. i) Magnetic Oxide Decay: Most videotapes use a magnetic oxide coating on the tape to store the video and audio information. Over time, this magnetic coating can deteriorate, losing its magnetic properties. This can result in data loss and a decrease in playback quality.
    2. ii) Physical Wear and Tear: Video tapes pass through various components of the playback equipment, such as the tape heads and rollers. The friction and contact with these components can cause physical wear on the tape, leading to damage, creases, or stretching of the tape.
    3. iii) Oxidation and Rust: Video tapes may also be susceptible to oxidation, especially if stored in humid or damp conditions. This can lead to rusting of the metal parts within the cassette, affecting playback quality.
    1. iv) Mould and Fungus Growth: Mould and fungus can thrive on the organic materials present in the tape’s binders and the dust that accumulates on the tape. Mould growth can cause visible spots on the tape and damage the recording.

    Consider these factors when you decide to convert video.

    Why Convert Video to MP4?

    Regardless of the tape format, whether it’s something substantial or petite with a cartridge storing information on tape, it’s crucial to convert videos to DVD before it’s too late.

    Which Company is the Best Video Converter for Video To MP4

    We understand that handling memories is a delicate matter, and it’s natural to hold onto your family’s legacy with a firm grip.

    Have You Got A Video To Convert? Choose Supaphoto to Convert Video To MP4

    At Supaphoto, we would be deeply honoured to have the opportunity to gain your trust through our video to DVD (or thumb drive, or digital download) transfer service. Our skilled technicians meticulously digitise over thousands of feet of videotape in our studio each year. Simply let us know, and we’ll dispatch a crushproof Supaphoto box to your doorstep, complete with prepaid roundtrip shipping and tracking. Once everything has been transformed into digital format, we return all of your original tapes to you. Memories are truly priceless, but in the case of videotapes, they are not eternal. We’re here to assist you! Call us not to discuss when you decide to convert video to MP4.

    Anything Else to Convert to Digital?

    You may also in your collection have other formats to convert at the same time – please see our photo, video, audio, cine and Disc section for (CD’s).

    Service, Examples & Customers

    Rest assured that we take the issue of quality very seriously.

    Why not view our service video and see samples?

    We’ve invested heavily in our photo digitalisation equipment and have been in this business for over twenty years.

    We were chosen to undertake cine film conversion work for the TV Production Company behind the BBC’s Repair Shop!

    Other projects include digitalising Sir Richard Attenborough’s personal collection of images, converting early footage of Virgin Airways promotional films and digitalisation work relating to Windsor Castle, The Mary Rose and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

    If you’d like more information about this service, please read our helpful guide.


    Don’t Let Your Memories Fade Away - Buy Now, Pay Later Option

    Buy now and split your total into 3 easy payments, automatically charged over three months.

    No interest and no hidden fees. Just call us on 0800 690 6160 for more details. Minimum order value applies. Offer subject to terms and conditions.